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We welcome all students at any age. Martial arts will help you to improve your fitness, balance, health and relieve stress. Besides all that - you will gain incredible self-defense skills.

Welcome to Wings Martial Arts School!

Looking for a way to get fit and attain a better level of self-defence? Wings Martial Arts is your one stop shop to becoming a healthier person and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

We are based in Cambridge and have a clientèle that covers all ages and demographics. We help train everyone from your Cambridge local estate agent to student, mother of two and everyone in between.

We lead classes for different age groups. Martial arts classes for children of a great way of helping them stay active and improve everything from flexibility to balance and a healthy lifestyle.

One of our motto's is 'six a day'. You all know about getting your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Think of Wings Martial Arts as that sixth bit on top that helps that all those good foods do their job properly and get the body moving the way it should.

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