Client Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it. Our members have always been vocal about being with Wings Martials Arts ever since we’ve opened our doors. Whether it’s positive or negative criticism, we always take it on board and make sure to treat each person that works through our doors with the upmost respect.

Here are some testimonials from members that we’ve had coming here for a long time now:

‘Don’t think of joining here as a death wish or paying to get beat p every week. I just come here a few times a week to improve my flexibility and core strength, which has improved greatly over time’
Andrea, Swavesey

‘I take the kids on weekend for an early class. They love it and think its like being in Kung Fu Panda. A truly positive experience on our part.’
-Dave Dutton, Trumpington

‘Their self-defence classes in the evenings are fantastic. At first I just went to look some quick tips, but have slowly been won over and now see Wings as part of oy weekly workouts.’
-Lana, Balsham

‘As part of my recovery from small-bowel cancer treatment, it was recommended to take up exercise to improve my core strength and aid in my healing, as well as help me de-stress a bit! A few years later and I still love these classes and seeing the new friends I've made.’-Alan, Bucks

‘I love going as it help with my flexibility a lot. Before starting I couldn’t even touch my toes’ -Joel, Milton